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Oriplas Machinery at Chinaplas2021

الوقت: 2021-04-29 الزيارات: 7

At the just-concluded Chinaplas 2021, Oriplas Machinery launched a high-efficiency and energy-saving extruder with a length-to-diameter ratio of 40 in 2021, which will achieve the best melt quality and product quality, and continue to improve production efficiency.The extruder is equipped with a feeding bushing with a special structure to realize the temperature control of the feeding area and greatly improve the transportation efficiency. The extruder adopts imported brand energy-saving synchronous servo motor,compared with DC speed regulation, the energy-saving rate is as high as 15%,It has good energy-saving benefits in long-term applications. The barrel adopts a new type of heating technology with a heat-preserving cover, which can save about 30%-50% of electric energy compared with traditional electric heaters. The production capacity of Oriplas SZY90/40 single screw extruder is increased by about 50% compared with ordinary extruder, achieving the same energy consumption target as European technology.

As a new force in the pipeline industry, Oriplas Machinery will lead the new dynamics of the extrusion industry with "Intelligent Innovation and Green Technology". Persist in the belief of manufacturing extrusion equipment with longer service life, higher safety, more energy saving, superior quality and performance.